The first Project Result of the #WeCoLead project included the following activities:

1) 142 responses were collected from young women in the 5 countries during the desk research on the impact of covid-19 on women’s health and socioeconomic situation.

2) Local focus group discussions with young womens were conducted to discuss trending topics regarding sustainability, gender gaps, and climate change on social media.

3) Over 10 reels were developed by the target group and were shared on the project’s social media platforms to raise awareness about the topics.

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English version:

French version:

#WeCoLead is a KA2 Cooperation Partnership co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The project is led by SwIdeas AB in Sweden, and gather transnational partners from Italy CESIE, Greece ‘COMMON This Is Comm’on, Hungary SVF Subjective Values Foundation, and Luxembourg Formation et Sensibilisation de Luxembourg.


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