Encouraging Voter Participation in EU Parliament Elections: Our Successful Campaign

We are thrilled to share the success of our recent campaign aimed at encouraging voter participation in the EU Parliament elections. Our initiative consisted of 11 engaging video reels posted on Instagram, providing essential information about the EU Parliament, the election system, and how to vote.

Campaign Highlights:

  • Informative Videos: The campaign featured 11 video reels that offered clear and concise information about the EU Parliament and the election process. These videos aimed to educate viewers on the importance of voting and how their participation can make a difference.
  • Expert Interview: As part of the campaign, we conducted an insightful interview with Rabea Effelsberg, the Community Manager at the European Parliament. Rabea answered key questions about the elections and the role of MEPs (Members of the European Parliament), adding depth and credibility to our campaign.
  • Social Media Engagement: The official Instagram page of the Parlement européen Luxembourg, “epluxembourg,” reposted our videos, expressing their appreciation for our efforts. This collaboration helped amplify our message and reach a broader audience.

Team Effort: The campaign was created by our dedicated ESC Volunteer, Karim Soliman, with Kristina Kudryavtseva, and supported by Seg Kirakossian. Their hard work and creativity brought the campaign to life.

  • Slogan: Our campaign’s powerful slogan, “Don’t just speak. Use your vote and make a change,” resonated with many, inspiring action and participation.

We are proud of the impact this campaign has had in promoting awareness and encouraging voter turnout. By providing valuable information and engaging content, we hope to have contributed to a more informed and active electorate.

Stay tuned for more initiatives as we continue to promote civic engagement and democratic participation within our community.

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