We are thrilled to share our EGYPS2023 Summarized Presentation-Legal, featuring the highly regarded professional, Haythem Kamel B, among others. Join us as we explore the transformative potential of Green Ammonia in the global market.

Did you know that Global Ammonia production in 2020 was about 184 MT whereas renewable Ammonia accounts only around 1% of global market share; the hydrogen feedstock for ammonia is produced almost entirely from fossil fuels; around 72% of ammonia production uses natural gas; coal accounts for around 22%; heavy fuel oil and naphtha account for around 4%. Green, Blue, Turquoise, or whatever the color code used to describe the process technology, which is not yet legally defined became not only a need to decrease carbon footprint, but economic considerations arise looking for alternatives as the Russian to EU Natural Gas supply meet critical situation by mid-2022.

This presentation is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable insights into the future of sustainable Ammonia production and its potential impact on our planet.

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