FSL – Formation et Sensibilisation de Luxembourg, aimed at empowering young people to develop societies based on human rights, respect for diversity, and a sense of responsibility for the social and natural environment. The Association was registered in 2020 based on the non-formal group of trainers and youth workers, “Foreign Students of Luxembourg” (FSL), created in 2013.

Project Mobilities
Participants engaged
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FSL is working on the following:

  • Inclusion, integration, living together and the richness of the diversity in Luxembourg,
  • To raise awareness of the society on the civic participation
  • Developing competencies in intercultural dialogue, media literacy, human rights education, and environmental sustainability
  • Work with diverse target groups to enrich mental health and well-being.

FSL is using non-formal education as one of the main methods, in addition to arts, media production and movie making.

To achieve these objectives, the Association undertakes the following initiatives:

a) Facilitate international education, youth, and cultural exchanges that focus on
raising awareness about human rights education, civic participation,
cross-cultural dialogue, integration, and peacebuilding.
b) Advance scientific research and inquiry.
c) Encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge through art and science as a
means of promoting sustainable knowledge transfer.
d) Foster collaboration and cooperation with European and international
organizations, as well as other professional and public bodies, in order to achieve
these objectives.

The scope of FSL’s activities is quite broad. The members of the organisation are specialised in implementing long-term training courses focused on the competencies of youth workers, various international youth programs among them seminars, youth exchanges, training courses, etc. within the framework of Youth in Action/ERASMUS+, educational events and activities on the topic of Human Rights, awareness raising sessions and projects on civic participation in Luxembourg and much more.

FSL beneficiaries are:
● FSL volunteers : Since 2013, FSL has hosted a number of volunteers. They are actively engaged in the design and implementation of various programs, projects, and events of the organisation.
● Participants (youth and youth workers) of the activities and events organised by FSL: Since 2013, FSL has organised around 40 Mobility projects and had around 1000 participants’ engaged.
● Members of our branches in barcelona, Czech Republic, Armenia and Georgia;
● Youngsters from Luxembourg and other countries, as well as social/ethnic/cultural minorities who are consistently involved in our projects and events;
● Various international subject-matter experts involved in FSLprojects and activities;
● Other groups of people and organisations interested in and/or working in the field of youth and civic education.