We are thrilled to share the highlights of the EduBlog project, an inspiring initiative that brought together educators, youth workers, bloggers, and influencers to explore and enhance mental health, wellbeing, and the use of ICT in education. Organized by Formation et Sensibilisation Luxembourg (FSL) and financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, Luxembourgish National Agency – Anefore, this project aims to increase the competencies of educators to use and promote learning through new Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and e-learning tools.

Phase 1: November 6-15, 2023

The first training course of EduBlog kicked off in Luxembourg with a diverse group of passionate participants from both formal and non-formal educational sectors. This phase focused on setting the foundation for an enriching learning experience.

Key Activities and Highlights:

  • Dynamic Introductions: Participants were welcomed with engaging activities, including a puzzle-based introduction of the project’s objectives, which sparked curiosity and collaboration.
  • “Walk and Talk”: An outdoor activity that allowed participants to connect while exploring Luxembourg’s beautiful surroundings, fostering camaraderie.
  • Icebreakers and Fun Facts: These activities facilitated meaningful connections among participants, with individuals sharing interesting facts about themselves creatively.
  • Treasure Hunt: A lively treasure hunt encouraged teamwork and problem-solving, with participants creating photos and Instagram stories.
  • Exploring Education and Learning: Discussions on different types of education and methodologies, followed by reflections on participants’ values and identities, shaping their teaching approaches.
  • Visual Storytelling: Training on how to communicate complex ideas through compelling visuals, enhancing participants’ ability to engage and inspire learners.
  • Visit to EU Parliament: Gaining insights into the European Union’s structures and opportunities for youth, participants shared their experiences on social media, amplifying their newfound knowledge.
  • Cultural Excursion: An evening visit to the Mudam museum in Luxembourg City provided a blend of cultural enrichment and creative inspiration.

Phase 2: December 6-13, 2023

The second phase of the EduBlog project continued with an insightful introduction to the project’s objectives and team-building activities, focusing on the practical application of ICT and e-learning in non-formal education.

Key Activities and Highlights:

  • Interactive Sessions: Activities included team-building exercises like a Secret Santa game and another treasure hunt, contributing to a lively and engaging atmosphere.
  • Future of Education: Participants imagined what education might look like in 2033 and brainstormed solutions to current educational issues.
  • Storytelling Techniques: Exploring how storytelling can be used to make learning more engaging and fun, with each group creating impactful campaigns.
  • Media Literacy: Participants honed their critical thinking skills through engaging activities, emphasizing the importance of discerning media content.
  • Technological Exploration: Exploring AI tools, Canva animation, and Animaker for educational content creation, culminating in a celebration of connections and learnings.


The EduBlog project has been a transformative experience, merging technology, education, and creativity into a cohesive learning journey. Participants reflected on their experiences and insights during an evaluation session, celebrating the shared journey of growth and inspiration.

The EduBlog project as we strive to create a supportive and well-informed community of educators and youth workers.