The project “EcoYOUTH” gathered youth workers from the EU and neighboring countries to practice and discuss the methods of making youth work (and their organizations) more eco-friendly and more sustainable.

The objectives of the projects are:
– To empower youth workers and youth leaders with the skills of making projects more sustainable and environmentallyresponsible;
– To create an educational brochure for youth project organisers with the practical recommendations to make activities andfacilities more eco-friendly;
– To enhance the number of environmental projects organized by partner organisations;
– To create educational tools for youth workers, that they can use during the youth projects;
-To emphasis the value of environment-friendliness of the EU projects and specifically the Erasmus+.

Two parts of the project were held in Armenia and Luxembourg in 2021. The project gather 35 youth leaders/workers from 11 countries. During the activity, pax learn and share their knowledge about environmental protection and sustainability. Also, they discuss how to promote and raise awareness about more ecofriendly work style during the youth projects.

Below you can see the videos made by the participants of the project.

The project “EcoYOUTH” was organized by the Formation et Sensibilisation de Luxembourg and financed by the Erasmus+ Programme, Luxembourgish National Agency – Anefore.

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