#WeCoLead is a KA2 Cooperation Partnership co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The project is led by SwIdeas AB in Sweden, and gather transnational partners from Italy CESIE, Greece ‘COMMON. This Is Comm’on, Hungary SVF Subjective Values Foundation, and Luxembourg Formation et Sensibilisation de Luxembourg.

The project explores the power of social media as a means of promoting information and narratives
that may uphold oppression, the experiences of young women, the role of non-formal and informal education, the potential of interactive methodologies, and the opportunities that transnational connections and leadership and capacity building can offer to overcoming the threats previously outlined. Based on this, it seeks to:

  • encourage critical thinking among the target group as a tool to critically regard information and to address structural oppression
  • build awareness around the role younger generations and women can play in driving changes to promote sustainability and inclusivity
  • build awareness around gender roles and inequalities that might lead to setbacks/vulnerability for women in face of crises such as climate change and the COVID-19 outbreak
  • understand the effects that the changes triggered by the COVID-19 outbreak might have on younger generations and women
  • to build the initiative and empower young women to act as leaders and change-makers and explore their active citizenship
  • utilize informal/non-formal education to promote female empowerment and encourage young women to collectively start the change in themselves and in their communities
  • build bridges between young women among the partner countries by exploring digital platforms
  • create an opportunity for young women across Europe to come together and discuss their struggles and aspirations, creating a network of contact, shared experiences, and opportunities
  • support the psychological health of the participants in the project by promoting connections and creating an opportunity for young women to create a sense of identity
  • utilize interactive and innovative resources such as reels videos that can promote the sharing and identification from peer-to-peer in an interactive and accessible manner
  • Explore interactive methodologies such as storytelling as an engaging manner to involve the target group in learning activities.
  • Capacitate youth workers to keep on transferring the knowledge and experiences initiated within the project to other young women

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