We are excited to share the highlights from the “KEY for Change” ERASMUS+ Training Course held in Olomouc, Czechia. This transformative project, which took place from October 14th to October 22nd, 2023, brought together participants from various countries to engage in a series of activities aimed at fostering youth engagement and community involvement. The project was financed by the European Commission within the Erasmus+ program and implemented by the association @cherryblue_academy in cooperation with partners from Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, and Luxembourg.

About the “KEY for Change” Project

The “KEY for Change” project was designed to empower youth workers and educators with the skills needed to promote active citizenship and community engagement. Through a combination of workshops, interactive sessions, and cultural activities, participants explored various methods and strategies to enhance their roles within their communities.

Key Activities and Learning Outcomes

Creative Expression and Community Building

Participants started the course by engaging in creative activities such as painting mugs and making key chains. These activities served as icebreakers, helping participants to get to know each other and build a sense of community from the outset.

Self-Understanding and Values Exploration

A significant portion of the training focused on understanding personal values and identity. Through reflective sessions, participants gained insights into their own beliefs and how these shape their roles within their communities.

Environmental and Sustainable Practices

The group visited University Palacký and met with its sustainable development manager, gaining insights into the university’s sustainability practices. Additionally, a trip to the municipality of Slatinice highlighted practical applications of sustainability, including solar panels and strict recycling measures.

Social Inclusion and Integration

Workshops on social inclusion and integration provided participants with tools and techniques to promote inclusivity within their own communities. The training also included stakeholder mapping and discussions on the Karpman’s triangle model of conflict resolution.

Participatory Research and Problem-Solving

Participants were introduced to participatory research methods and problem-solving techniques, such as the problem tree and solution tree. These sessions aimed to equip them with practical skills for engaging their communities in meaningful dialogue and collaborative problem-solving.

Cultural Exchange and Fun Activities

Cultural evenings were a highlight, allowing participants to share and experience traditions from various countries including Armenia, Ukraine, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Georgia. These sessions fostered a deeper understanding and appreciation of different cultures through traditional snacks, dances, and games.

Engagement with Local Communities

Visits to local schools and interaction with students provided participants with firsthand experience in community engagement. These activities included answering students’ questions and organizing themed booths with activities like dancing, flag guessing, and language learning.

Impact and Reflection

The “KEY for Change” project culminated in a reflective session where participants received their youth-passes and discussed their learning experiences. The project not only equipped them with new skills and knowledge but also inspired a passion for active citizenship and community development.


The “KEY for Change” project successfully encouraged young people to become active and engaged citizens in their communities. By fostering youth workers’ mentoring and community analyzing skills, we aim to strengthen our communities worldwide.

Thank you to everyone who participated and supported this transformative experience. Stay tuned for more updates and future projects from FSL Luxembourg!