From September to December, the FSL will be actively carrying out the project titled “Painting Positive Social Connections – An Art-Based Initiative for Youth.”

Painting Positive Social Connection is a transformative project that aims to use art painting as a gradual but effective measure to promote social integration and provide a safe and supportive space for creative expression and healing for youth, refugees, parenting mothers, and women in distress.

Objectives of the project
1. Empower young adults and youth workers by involving them in the project development and implementation process, fostering their leadership skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.
2. To promote social integration among participants, and create a sense of belonging and community engagement.
3. To foster creativity and innovation, by providing a safe and supportive space for creative expression, the project encourages participants to explore their artistic abilities, and outside-the-box thinking, and develop innovative approaches to personal growth and healing.
4. To contribute to sustainable development by addressing mental health and well-being among youth and marginalized communities, fostering resilience, and promoting positive social connections that
can have long-lasting impacts.
5. To raise awareness of the importance of self-expression through art among participants and the broader community and the benefits and significance it enables for personal growth, healing,
and social integration.

The project is organised by Service national de la jeunesse and FSL with the support of the Service national de la jeunesse – Project Go.

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