Cultural business companies and artists sometimes do not think about sustainability. Using only primary raw materials, animal-based products, carbon-intensive travel and other means for creative work have alternatives in recent times. FS Luxembourg, in frames of the project You Create and in cooperation with ALDIC has organized a multiplier event for young people.

During the meeting, it was not only presented the outcomes of the project and the basics of sustainability and circular economy but also participants had a practical activity to think about possible solutions that could help the policymakers to improve and design better strategies.

The results of the event and the active involvement of the participants were inspiring for FSL as well. The practical activity was constructed on the basis of the narrative learning technique. In the coming days, we will publish the white paper with the list of recommendations of young people directed to policymakers.

YOUCREATE is co-funded by the Erasmus + of the European Union. It aims to empower young people from diverse cultural and national backgrounds and youth workers to contribute to more sustainable policies and practices to take the lead and utilize creativity to actively participate in the reshaping of our society towards a more sustainable future.

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