Attention to all youth workers and educators! Are you enthusiastic about helping young people understand today’s media world? Look no further! Our Project Result is here to assist you in teaching Media Literacy, especially during times of crisis and pandemics.

The Challenge: It can be challenging to find teaching and learning materials. While there are basic tools available, there is a noticeable gap when it comes to health and wellness information. That’s why we had a mission:

a) To create a list of free, Open Source software tools and services that can help with media literacy, particularly focusing on health and wellness topics.

b) To compile a list of freely available learning materials under Creative Commons licenses for you to adapt and use.

c) To showcase excellent examples from around the world that demonstrate creative ways to teach and learn about Media Literacy, especially during challenging times.

What’s Inside the Toolkit?

  • Access our user-friendly database of Open Source software and services on our project website to simplify your search.
  • Our committed project partners are conducting research and case studies, exploring Open Source Repositories to provide you with the best resources.
  • We are collaborating with Creative Commons Open Education to identify, plan, and coordinate open education content and practices.

Take the next step by clicking the link below to explore this valuable resource! Explore the MIL in a Crisis Toolkit

English version

French version

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