We are thrilled to share the success of our recent workshop, “Methods and Methodologies for Intercultural Learning and Human Rights Education,” which took place on September 26, 2023. This enlightening event was organized by FSL in cooperation with Fondation Anna Lindh – Réseau Luxembourg et Grande Région.

Exploring Key Themes

During the session, participants delved into several crucial themes:

  • Non-formal Education: Understanding its role and impact in promoting lifelong learning and fostering intercultural dialogue.
  • Human Rights Education: Emphasizing the importance of integrating human rights principles in educational practices.
  • Council of Europe (CoE) Publications: Participants were introduced to valuable resources such as Compass, Compassito, and Mosaic. These publications are essential tools for educators and trainers aiming to enhance their methods and approaches in human rights education.

Engaging Discussions and Networking

A significant highlight of the workshop was the interactive discussion and networking session. Participants had the opportunity to engage with field experts Tatev Margaryan and @kamel.haythem. These discussions allowed attendees to deepen their understanding of the topics and exchange insights and experiences, enriching their overall learning experience.

Looking Forward

The workshop not only provided valuable knowledge and resources but also fostered a sense of community among participants. By bringing together educators, trainers, and experts, we aim to continue promoting intercultural learning and human rights education through innovative methods and methodologies.

We are grateful to Fondation Anna Lindh – Réseau Luxembourg et Grande Région for their cooperation and to all participants for their active engagement. Stay tuned for more events and workshops that continue to inspire and educate!

For more information about our upcoming events and to access the CoE publications, visit our website.